Monday, April 5, 2010

Best practice of Yoga for Beginners

Best practice of Yoga for Beginners
     For practicing Yoga, the primary thing to have a Guru (Yoga Master) and Follow their instructions. They guide us through some series of steps to do before and after Yoga practice. Yoga teachers also instruct us the Food habits to follow while doing Yogas. 
     If we are able to do Yoga with such a great Master, then it will be very helpful for us life long. Even there is any disturbance, it will automatically settle us to drive us to do yoga in all days. In My experience, i remembers all the Yoga asanas that i did with a Yoga Master. 
    Those asanas that i have not practiced with Yoga Master, i do not remember now. So the good practice for Yoga beginners is that do yoga with a great Yoga Master.


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