Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top 10 tips for creating interests in studies for kids

Top 10 tips for creating interests in studies for kids
While I was searching on net tips for improvement in studies for my son, I got plenty of ideas and tips. There are number of parents in particularly mom struggling to give better study or enhancing study skills at kindergarten level for her son / daughter. Thought they (including myself) have used to create interest in studies, the final result has not given any fruitful result. I would like to share the following suggestions
1. Positive motivation: Kids may be given some positive motivations, for example, if you study or complete this lesson or pages, then I will give chocolates or interest of his son / daughter. This may boost his interest on studies. Later on, he may improve his concentration on studies
2. Negative motivation: Sometimes, as against the point 1, if you are not studying this lesson, I will not buy anymore ice cream or chocolates. In order get his likes, he would get interest on studies
3. He may be introduced on computer animations either online or offline related his study like Rhymes, Scrabble like word or math puzzles. There are number of such computer graphics related online learning materials are available. This has become very successful in my son’s study also. I have started taking him to solve the scrabble word puzzles, now he is very much interesting to solve the scrabble cubes.
4. Your son / daughter may be given chances to participate in science exhibitions, museums where he may be interested knowing things related to his study.
5. Tuition or special classes may be arranged for him, But this is not successful for many kids. However, this may not become an additional burden for parents with related to money or time.
6. Some kids may be interested in sports or play related activities, where he may be given more time to spend in these in between his studies
7. Some kids may be interested in drawings / paintings, where these type of activities may be given in between his studies
8. Parents may allot sometimes to spend with his kids where he may be self motivated for his study
9. Parents may read newspaper or subject related articles along with his kids where his reading habits will be improved
10. Concentrating on his health also will improve his studies ( One of my son’s teacher’s suggestions)


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