Sunday, September 26, 2010

Health problems and Spoiling Social values associated with Children of Working parents

Health problems and Spoiling Social values associated with Children of Working parents:
A survey conducted reveal that Children’s of working parents are more likely volunteering to addict in internet sites such as playing online games, watching videos and chatting with friends. Some of them are online for long hours, even more than 5 hours. This results in health problems such as vision, obesity, poor memory and mental problems.
Their social interactions with real world are also significantly diminishing as they have more interactions social websites like facebook, orkut and so on. On the other hand, in single parent working environments, as they monitor the child’s activities, they guide them in proper ways and control their internet activities.
The working parents should take utmost care with their children to divert them to know the social values of real world and spend more times with them to relieve them from the above mentioned negative aspects.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exercise Vs Yoga

Exercise Vs Yoga
   I always inquired myself the difference between yoga and Exercises. Recently i have gone through an article from a news magazine. In that i clearly understood the differences. The glimpse of it is here 
1. Exercise is catabolic which is capable of breaking down the energy
    Yoga is anabolic which conserve energy
2. Exercise is sympathetic stimulation
    Yoga is parasympathetic simulation
3. Yoga is always used as relaxation technique where this not same for exercise
4. Yoga always improves the blood circulation to Visceral organs like spleen, liver, kidney. Yoga uses breathing technique which squeezes the organs to increase the blood circulation. In yoga blood supply to the muscle is not increased.
    Exercises focuses on the muscular system that gets 70% of the blood supply.


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