Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Best time to do yoga

Best time to do yoga
The early morning is the best time to do yoga. The reason is
1. At this time, it is called as Brahmamuhurta, the spiritual energy level is high.
2. No internal and external disturbances
3. Naturally the stomach is empty, with loaded stomach, it is very difficult in practicing yoga
4. The freshness that you get while doing morning yoga can be experienced throughout the day. You always feel briskness during the day.
5. The level of stress decreases and can be felt during the day
6. You feel relaxations all the time
7. Morning time is always quiet and pure & fresh air circulates at this time.
However, you can schedule your time if you are not able to wake up at the early morning and regulate it to do your yoga practice at your scheduled time.


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