Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best place for practicing Yoga and Meditation

Best place for practicing Yoga
     Yoga and meditation is an art of living for our body health and peace of mind. Where i have to do yoga and meditation is question for yoga learners or beginners. Sometimes, the our surrounding may not suit to do meditation, the better place to do meditation should be very pleasant and calm. Recently i visited Vevenkanatha Rock memorial, located 500 m from the mainland of Kanyakumari, India. Swami Vivenkanada swam this rock during the month of December 1892 and meditated deeply and got enlightenment, then became a reformer and philosopher. At this place, I  meditated for about 10 minutes, I went deep meditation, mind became so peace. Such places are so natural where we can hear only the sound of waves. In my life, i would say, this is the best place for meditation.   Few snapshots of this amazing Vivekanatha memorial,

 During sunset
Vivekananda Memorial from Mainland


Imtiajnipu said...
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Deepak Sachdeva said...

The place really makes a great difference in meditation.

Ane Recafort said...

A meditation space should ideally be located away from the phone and other distractions. For those with children, the meditation space should ideally have a door; not to keep the children out necessarily but more as a visual reminder for the children that you are doing something that should not be interrupted.

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Imtiajnipu said...

Practice place and environment are very important in Yoga. As an experienced Yoga Instructor working for Anamaya Resort
Costa Rica ,I believe we need to practice Yoga without disturbance and the place must be peaceful.


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