Friday, February 15, 2008

Merudandasana A, B

Merudandasana A
Stretch yourself on your back. Press the hands on the ground on either side of the body with the palms facing the ground. Inhale deeply and raise the right leg two feet from the ground without bending the knee. After holding the breath for five seconds, lower the leg to the ground. Similarly, take a deep breath, raise the left leg and after five seconds release the breath and lower the leg. The exercise can be done 10 times for each leg. This asana strengthens the lower body.

Merudandasana B
Lie on your back. Legs should touch each other and palms should rest on the ground on each side of the body. Take a deep breath and raise the legs to about 2 feet from the ground. The knees should be straight. Hold the breath for five seconds. Slowly exhale and bring the legs to the ground. Repeat the asanas for ten times. This will strengthen the vertebra and stop the accumulation of fat in the lower stomach region.

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